Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BP medical claims can proceed

BP medical claims will finally start getting offers and payments, thanks to the dismissal of the final objector case in the litigation of the class action settlement. Terms of the settlement had prevented the court-supervised Claims Center from sending claimants any offers or payments until the objector cases were resolved.

As stated on the court's website: 

On February 11, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, dismissed the remaining appeals to the Medical Benefits Settlement. Consequently, the “Effective Date” of the Medical Benefits Settlement is February 12, 2014. The deadline for submitting a claim to the Medical Benefits Claims Administrator is one year from the "Effective Date."

So, for the next 12 months, claimants can continue to file BP medical claims. And, it appears the Claims Center can now begin sending offers and payments.

The medical settlement is administered separately from the more talked-about economic losses settlement. While claims for economic losses have been receiving offers and payments for more than a year, the medical claims have not, due to the terms requiring resolution of the objector cases.

The medical claims center posted news of the "effective date" determination on the official website.

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